50 to 500V and 1.3A out

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I need to design a power supply whose voltage can be varied from 50 to 500V and that can supply 1.3A in the complete range. I am planning on using the HiperPLC and the PIXI sofwtare to do the same.

It is a Universal AC input from 85Vac to 265Vac. 

Any words of wisdom on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, taraidoon,


You can get some info from the thread below.




BTW, you can get only discrete output voltage out of TopSwitch or HiperTFS (just split your secondary as necessary).

You are looking for a 10:1 ratio in output range.  LLC's are not good for this.


3:1 can be doable for an LLC.  That means it will go down only to about 170V.  To go further down you should probably do a buck converter after the LLC.  You will need to create a control scheme where the buck converter is fully on when setpoint is from 500V-170V.  The LLC will adjust from 500 to 170V.  Then when you need the voltage below 170V, the LLC will stay at 170V and the buck will reduce it, down to 50V as needed.