CE Compliant SMPS

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Can you advise the transformer construction (margin tape , for instance) for manufacturing a CE certified power supply ?
Also kindly advise on input filter requirements for a typical 20W SMPS to be CE compliant. Are both, a differential choke and a common mode choke required in the input section ?
Atul Bhakay

Hi Atul Bhakay,

First, you need to determine the IEC safety standard of your power supply where it is intended to apply and market. Typically, it is IEC 60950 or IEC 62368 standard for ITE and audio/video equipment.
- Transformer shall be constructed and evaluated according to the applicable standard of your power supply. A transformer isolating between hazardous and non-hazardous circuits should satisfy the Reinforced insulation both in spacing (creepage and clearance) and electric strength test voltage requirements.
- Transformer should be tested as part of the power supply unit.

EMIs filters should also be evaluated as per IEC 60939-3 standard.

You need to ensure that all materials used in your components should be ROHS compliant as well.

CE is self declaration compliance only. It follows the conformance of IEC standard. It will comply with CE if the applicable IEC standard have been obtained or considered for your components.

Those are the information that I can share with you that I think are helpful. Though, transformer and input filters are not our products.