Virtual Stand - Ultra-Wide Input Range

Virtual Stand - Ultra-Wide Input Range

900 V switcher ICs for Regions with Unstable Mains Voltage

  • Full range of offline switcher ICs incorporating 900 V primary MOSFETs
  • Realize a truly “one-world” power supply for high-quality appliances
  • Replace corresponding 725 V switchers without altering the designs

Watch the Video

PI Director of Product Marketing Chris Lee explains how 900 V switcher ICs offer valuable safety margin in regions with unstable mains voltage.

See the Designs

LinkSwitch-TN2 for low component count buck converters

  • DER-845 - 4.8 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter

LinkSwitch-XT2 for isolated and non-isolated flybacks up to 8 W

  • DER-736 - 7 W Wide-Range Input, Dual Output, Non-Isolated Flyback Power Supply

InnoSwitch3-EP for high-efficiency isolated flybacks up to 35 W

  • DER-745 - 10 W Dual Output Power Supply

What's Next

Check back later for downloads of technical papers from our expert presentations. Contact your local PI sales representative or distributor to start your next design.