Energy-Efficient Off-Line Switcher with Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range

Typical Standby Application

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TinySwitch™-LT incorporates a 650 V power MOSFET, oscillator, high-voltage switched current source, current limit (user selectable) and thermal shutdown circuitry. The IC family uses an ON/OFF control scheme and offers a design flexible solution with a low system cost and extended power capability.

Product Highlights:

  • 650 V rated integrated MOSFET
  • Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed
  • Selectable current limit through BP/M capacitor value
  • Higher current limit extends peak power or, in open frame applications, maximum continuous power
  • Tight I2f parameter tolerance reduces system cost; minimizes maximum overload power, reducing cost of transformer, primary clamp & secondary components
  • On-time extension—extends low line regulation range/hold-up time to reduce input bulk capacitance
  • Frequency jittering reduces EMI filter costs


Power Table

Output Power (Watts)
PRODUCT³230 VAC ±15%85-265 VAC
Adapter¹Open Frame²
(or Peak)
Adapter¹Open Frame²
(or Peak)


  1. Minimum continuous power in a typical non-ventilated enclosed adapter measured at +50 °C ambient. Use of an external heat sink will increase power capability.
  2. Minimum peak power capability in any design or minimum continuous power in an open frame design (see Key Applications Considerations section of the TinySwitch-LT Data Sheet for details).
  3. Packages: P: DIP-8C, D: SO-8C. See Part Ordering Information section of the TinySwitch-LT Data Sheet for details.
  4. See Key Application Considerations section of the TinySwitch-LT Data Sheet for details.

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