Energy-Efficient CV/CC Switcher (Tight Output Regulation) for Very Low Cost Chargers and Adapters

This is an active product that is not recommended for new designs.
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Typical Standby Application

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Product Details


  • Energy-efficient replacement for regulated linear transformer and discrete power supply designs
  • Universal input range allows worldwide operation
  • Self-biased supply – saves transformer auxiliary winding and associated bias supply components
  • Built-in current limit and hysteretic thermal shutdown protection
  • Fully integrated auto-restart for short-circuit and open loop protection
  • Tight tolerances and negligible temperature variation on key parameters eases design and lowers cost
  • High maximum switching frequency allows very low ?ux density transformer designs, practically eliminating audible noise
  • Frequency jittering greatly reduces EMI
  • Packages with large creepage to high voltage pin
  • Lowest component count switcher solution


  • Chargers for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3/portable audio devices, shavers etc.
  • Standby and auxiliary supplies


Power Table

Output Power (Watts)
PRODUCT1 230 VAC ±15% 85-265 VAC
Adapter2 Open Frame3 Adapter2 Open Frame3
LNK353PN/GN 3 4 2.54 3
LNK354PN/GN 3.5 5 34 4.5


  1. Packages; P: DIP-8B, G: SMD-8B. For lead-free package options, contact local sales office.
  2. Typical continuous power in a non-ventilated enclosed adapter measured at 50 °C ambient.
  3. Maximum practical continuous power in an open frame design with adeuate heat sinking, measure at 50 °C ambient.
  4. For designs without a Y acapacitor, the available power may be lower (see Key Applications Considerations).

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