Highly Energy Efficient Switcher IC for Automotive Use with Integrated System Level Protection for Low Component-Count Power Supplies

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The LinkSwitch™-TN2 family of ICs for automotive power supplies provide significant reduction in component count compared to traditional discrete solutions. Flyback designs using the integrated LinkSwitch-TN2 ICs in primary-side control configurations are highly reliable without the use of opto isolators. The device family supports buck, buck-boost and flyback converter topologies. Each device incorporates a 750 V power MOSFET, oscillator, On/Off control, a high-voltage switched current source for self-biasing, frequency jittering, fast (cycle-by-cycle) current limit, hysteretic thermal shutdown, and output and overvoltage protection circuitry onto a monolithic IC.

LinkSwitch-TN2 ICs consume very little current in standby resulting in power supply designs that meet <50 mW no-load input at 400 VDC input. A full suite of protection features enable safe and reliable power supplies protecting the device and the system against input and output overvoltage faults, device over-temperature faults, lost regulation, and power supply output overload or short-circuit faults.

Product Highlights

Highest Performance and Design Flexibility

  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Supports buck, buck-boost and flyback topologies
  • Wide input voltage 60 VDC to 550 VDC
  • Excellent load and line regulation
  • 66 kHz operation with accurate current limit
    - Allows the use of low-cost off-the-shelf inductors
    - Reduces size and cost of magnetics and output capacitor
  • Frequency jittering reduces EMI filter complexity
  • Pin-out simplifies PCB heat sinking
  • Fab and assembly are IATF16949 certified

Enhanced Safety and Reliability Features

  • Auto-restart for short-circuit and open loop faults
  • Output overvoltage protection (OVP)
  • Hysteretic over-temperature protection (OTP)
  • Extended creepage between DRAIN pin and all other pins improves field reliability
  • 750 V MOSFET rating for excellent surge withstand

EcoSmart™– Extremely Energy Efficient

  • Standby supply current <100 μA
  • On/Off control provides constant efficiency over a wide load range
  • Easily meets all global energy efficiency regulations
  • No-load consumption <50 mW


Power Table

Output Current Table1
Product260 to 550 VDC
LNK3206GQ360 mA


  1. Typical output current in a non-isolated buck converter with devices operating
    at default current limit and adequate heat sinking. Output power capability
    depends on respective output voltage and thermal requirements.
  2. Package: G: SMD-8C

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