LinkSwitch Family

The LinkSwitch™ families of ICs are low power offline switchers that incorporate both a high-accuracy controller and high voltage MOSFET into a single low pin-count package. LinkSwitch devices use simple ON/OFF controllers, which are highly suitable for applications where light-load/no-load efficiency is a key specification requirement. They are optimized for isolated flyback power supplies and, in a non-isolated variant, for low-current offline buck applications. The LinkSwitch families leverage a variety of feedback strategies such as Primary Side Regulated (PSR), classical opto feedback and direct measurement of the output voltage.

LinkSwitch ICs are used in a number of applications such as: chargers, adapters, large and small appliances, consumer audio/video systems, utility meters, and a wide variety of industrial bias supplies. LinkSwitch-XT2 and LinkSwitch-TN2 are available with 900 V primary MOSFETs for three-phase industrial power supplies and high-quality consumer products destined for regions with high and unstable mains grids, tropical regions with frequent lightning strikes or any area where high-energy ring-waves and surges are prevalent.

LinkSwitch-3For high accuracy CV/CC chargers to 10 W
LinkSwitch-CVFor CV-only adapters and bias supplies to 12 W
LinkSwitch-HPFor adapters and embedded power supplies to 153 W
LinkSwitch-LPFor linear replacement applications to 3.5 W
LinkSwitch-XT2For consumer, computer and industrial bias supplies to 5 W
LinkSwitch-TN2For non-isolated offline power to 360 mA
LinkSwitch-TN2QAEC-Q100 qualified for automotive use, non-isolated offline power to 360 mA