Off-Line CV/CC QR Flyback Switcher IC with Integrated 650 V / 725 V MOSFET, Synchronous Rectification, FluxLink Feedback and Constant Power Profile

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InnoSwitch3-CP Data Sheet

Off-Line CV/CC QR Flyback Switcher IC with Integrated 650 V / 725 V MOSFET, Synchronous Rectification, FluxLink Feedback and Constant Power Profile. For Applications up to 65 W.
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Product Details

The InnoSwitch™3-CP family of ICs dramatically simplifies the design and manufacture of flyback power converters, particularly those requiring high efficiency and/or compact size. The InnoSwitch3-CP family incorporates primary and secondary controllers and safety-rated feedback into a single IC.

InnoSwitch3-CP family devices incorporate multiple protection features including line over and under-voltage protection, output over-voltage and over-current limiting, and over-temperature shutdown. Devices are available that support the common combinations of latching and auto-restart behaviors required by applications such as quick charge and USB PD designs. The devices are available with and without cable-drop compensation.

Product Highlights

Highly Integrated, Compact Footprint

  • Up to 94% efficiency across full load range
  • Quasi-Resonant (QR) / CCM flyback controller, 650 V or 725 V MOSFET4, secondary-side sensing and synchronous rectification driver
  • Integrated FluxLink™, HIPOT-isolated, feedback link
  • Supports fast charge protocols such as USB PD/QC 4.0
  • Constant Power (CP) Profile minimizes charging time with continuous adjustment of output current and voltage
  • Accurate CV/CC/CP, independent of external components
  • External IS resistor allows custom CC programming
  • Instantaneous transient response with 0%-100%-0% load step

EcoSmart™– Energy Efficient

  • Less than 15 mW no-load including line sense
  • Easily meets all global energy efficiency regulations
  • Low heat dissipation

Advanced Protection / Safety Features

  • Secondary MOSFET or diode short-circuit protection
  • Open SR FET-gate detection
  • Fast input line UV/OV protection

Optional Features

  • Cable-drop compensation with multiple settings
  • Variable output voltage, constant current profiles
  • Auto-restart or latching fault response for output OVP/UVP
  • Multiple output UV fault thresholds
  • Latching or hysteretic primary over-temperature protection

Full Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • Reinforced isolation
  • Isolation voltage >4000 VAC
  • 100% production HIPOT testing
  • UL1577 and TUV (EN60950) safety approved
  • Excellent noise immunity enables designs that achieve class “A” performance for EN61000-4; EN61000-4-2, 4-3 (30 V/m), 4-4, 4-5, 4-6, 4-8 (100 A/m) and 4-9 (1000 A/m) and Ford FMC1278 (RI-115)


Power Table

Output Power (Watts)
230 VAC ± 15%85-265 VAC
INN3264C/3274C-H2XX20 W25 W15 W20 W
INN3265C/3275C-H2XX25 W30 W22 W25 W
INN3266C/3276C-H2XX35 W40 W27 W36 W
INN3277C-H2XX40 W45 W36 W40 W
INN3267C-H2XX45 W50 W40 W45 W
INN3268C-H2XX55 W65 W50 W55 W


  1. Minimum continuous power in a typical non-ventilated enclosed typical size adapter measured at 40 °C ambient. Max output power is dependent on the design. With condition that package temperature must be < = 125 °C.
  2. Minimum peak power capability.
  3. Package: inSOP-24D.
  4. 650 V MOSFET (INN326x); 725 V MOSFET (INN327x).

InnoSwitch-3 Feature Codes

InnoSwitch-3 ICs are highly configurable, and require a "Feature Code" to specify all of the configurable characteristics, such as the Auto Restart Threshold, Fault Response, and others. Feature Codes consist of the letter "H" followed by three numbers and are added to the end of the base part number. A Feature Code is required when ordering parts (e.g., INN3265C-H202).

The tables below provide a list of the characteristics of the Feature Codes, and the  parts available with that Feature Code. Please use these to determine which InnoSwitch-3 part is the best fit for your application. Alternatively, you can use our Build Your Own InnoSwitch tool.

CDCAR ThresholdOTP ResponseAR and OVL ResponseOutput ProfileVout OVPSecondary
H2010 mV3.45 VHystereticARCP-6V AR
H202300 mV3.45 VHystereticARCP-6V AR
H2030 mV3.45 VHystereticARCP-9V AR
H204300 mV3.45 VHystereticARCP-9V AR
H2050 mV3.45 VHystereticARCP-12V AR
H2060 mV63%Latch OffLatch OffFixed CC Latch Off
H2070 mV3.45 VLatch OffLatch OffCP-15V Latch Off
H2080 mV3.45 VLatch OffARCP-15V Latch Off
H2090 mV3.45 VLatch OffARFixed CC Latch Off
H2100 mV55%ARARCP-9V AR
H2110 mV55%ARARCP-6V AR
H2120 mV55%ARARFixed CC Latch Off

In the following tables, click the PDF icon to view the data sheet addendum for each part.

 Common Feature Code
650 VINN3264C-H2XXpdf iconpdf icon          
INN3265C-H2XXpdf iconpdf icon        pdf icon 
INN3266C-H2XX  pdf iconpdf icon pdf icon   pdf icon  
INN3267C-H2XX    pdf icon       
INN3268C-H2XX pdf icon   pdf iconpdf iconpdf iconpdf icon pdf icon
 Common Feature Code
725 VINN3274C-H2XXpdf iconpdf icon       
INN3275C-H2XXpdf iconpdf icon       
INN3276C-H2XX  pdf iconpdf icon pdf icon   
INN3277C-H2XX    pdf icon    

pdf icon = indicates part available with that Feature Code

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