PFC Controller with Integrated 600 V MOSFET Optimized for High PF and Efficiency Across Load Range

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HiperPFS™-4 devices incorporate a continuous conduction mode (CCM) boost PFC controller, gate driver and 600 V power MOSFET in a single low-profile (GROUND pin connected) power package. HiperPFS-4 devices eliminate the need for external current sense resistors, also eliminating their associated power loss, and instead use an innovative control technique that adjusts the switching frequency over output load, input line voltage, and input line cycle.

This control technique maximizes efficiency over the entire load range, particularly at light loads. Additionally, it minimizes the EMI filtering requirements due to its wide bandwidth spread spectrum effect. HiperPFS-4 uses advanced digital techniques for line monitoring, line feed-forward scaling, and power factor enhancement; while using analog techniques for the core controller in order to maintain extremely low no-load power consumption.

HiperPFS-4 also features an integrated non-linear error amplifier for enhanced load transient response, a user programmable Power Good (PG) signal as well as user selectable power limit functionality. HiperPFS-4 includes Power Integrations’ standard set of comprehensive protection features, such as UV, OV, brown-in/out, and hysteretic thermal shutdown. HiperPFS-4 also provides cycle-by-cycle current limit and Safe Operating Area (SOA) protection of the power MOSFET, output power limiting for overload protection, and pin-to-pin short-circuit protection.

Product Highlights

  • Integrated 600 V MOSFET
  • High efficiency and power factor across load range
    • >95% efficiency from 10% load to 100% load
    • <60 mW no-load consumption at 230 VAC
    • PF >0.95 achievable at 20% load
    • EN61000-3-2 Class C and D compliant
  • Eliminates insulating pad/heat-spreader
  • Digital line peak detection for robust performance even with distorted input voltage from UPS or generators
  • Digital power factor enhancer compensates for EMI filter and bridge distortion, providing high-line PF >0.95 @ 20% load
  • Frequency adjusted over line voltage and thru each line cycle
    • Spread-spectrum across >60 kHz window simplifies EMI filtering
    • Reduces boost inductance
  • Provides up to 450 W peak output power for universal applications, 610 W for high-line only applications
  • Protection features include: UVLO, UV, OV, OTP, brown-in/out, cycle-by-cycle current limit and power limiting for overload protection
  • Withstands 305 VAC steady-state and 410 VAC abnormal input


Power Table

Output Power (Watts)
Universal Input Devices
PRODUCT* Continuous Output Power at
90 VAC (Full Power Mode)
Peak Output Power Rating
PFS7623H/L 110 W 120 W
PFS7624H/L 130 W 150 W
PFS7625H/L 185 W 205 W
PFS7626H/L 230 W 260 W
PFS7627H/L 290 W 320 W
PFS7628H/L 350 W 385 W
PFS7629H/L 405 W 450 W
High-Line Only Input Devices
PRODUCT* Continuous Output Power at
180 VAC (Full Power Mode)
Peak Output Power Rating
PFS7633H 255 W 280 W
PFS7634H 315 W 350 W
PFS7635H 435 W 480 W
PFS7636H 550 W 610 W

Table 1. Output Power Table.

*Package: H: eSIP-16D, L: eSIP-16G

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