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Good Morning team.!!
I am an engineer and I work in an electronics equipment company for instrumentation in Brazil.
we consume electronic components manufactured by TOP Switch.
we are looking for a pwm switch component for power supply.
we would like a component that the input range is larger so that the source can operate with 24VDC and also with 90 to 240 VAC, in the same input. it's possible? how can I make a font that works in both DC and AC?
if it is possible, please ask me to indicate a pwm switch component so we can do tests here.
Thank you very much for your help and I am waiting for an answer.
have a great day ...
"sorry for the possible English errors"

Hi Andre,

Thank you very much for choosing Power Integrations.

May I know what is the continuous output power of the power supply, output voltages and their output currents? What is the end system that you will be using the power supply for?

I also want to ask why you need a 24VDC input, will this be powering from a DC battery at any point in its normal operation?

Thank you very much.