line sense resistor create problem

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Hi PI,


We using the TOP 250YN GX Famiely switch for 50V, 2A .when we use the line sense resistor 2M ,then voltage decrease (35V) and not constant .if we do not use line sense resistor or connected to source then it becomes ok.

this is the problem only with  1245/ TOP 250YN ,00189A  , Not with J547/ TOP250Y E33497B.

Pls help  what is the issue? 



Thanks for contacting PI.

I assumed you use 1*2M resistor or 2* 1M resistors connected to Pin L, would you please check whether these resistors located very close to the pin L or not? The Pin L is actually a very high impedance input pin, easily to pick up noise, you will need to put the resistors very close to this pin.

By the way, where did you buy the J547/ TOP250Y E33497B from, this is E version parts.