Workshops Announced for Next Phase of California Efficiency Regulations

Mon, 07/10/2017 - 14:01 -- MrGreen

The California Energy Commission (CEC) moves closer this month to developing amendments to the state’s Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations.

Earlier this year, the CEC began Phase 2 of its 2012 Order Instituting Rulemaking process to consider new Title 20 efficiency requirements. It identified five new product groups1 for efficiency standards development and called for information to help determine if efficiency standards are needed for three other product/technology groups2. The Commission invited interested stakeholders to submit data and comments related to standards, test procedures, labeling requirements, and other measures that would improve the efficiency of the products identified. (For more details, see my earlier blog - What’s Next for California’s Appliance Efficiency Standards?)

The CEC recently announced staff workshops to be held this month to discuss and vet stakeholder input received to date. The meetings will be held at their Sacramento, California headquarters3. CEC staff will present an overview of the information received and seek input in evaluating the information’s merits and usage. This will form the basis in developing new Title 20 efficiency standards and roadmap proposals. The July 21st workshop will focus on the four electronic product/technology areas shown below. Stakeholder comments received can be viewed using the embedded links.

CEC workshops can be attended in person or remotely via the internet. Additional information on attendance can be found in the workshop notice. Meeting documents and presentations will be made available online. To receive updates on Phase 2 activities, subscribe to the commission’s “appliances - Appliance Efficiency Standards” Listserver found here.

  1. Commercial and industrial fans and blowers, general service lamps (expanded scope), sprinkler spray bodies, tub spout diverters, and irrigation controllers.
  2. Set-top boxes, low-power modes and power factor, and solar inverters.
  3. July 19th - Commercial and industrial fans; July 20th - Spray sprinkler bodies, tub-spouts; July 21st - Set-top boxes, low power modes and power factor, solar inverters, general service lamps.