What’s Next for California’s Appliance Efficiency Standards?

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 15:57 -- MrGreen

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has officially begun the second phase of its 2012 Order Instituting Rulemaking process to consider new efficiency requirements for the state’s Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations.

A few weeks ago, the Commission issued a notification inviting stakeholders to submit data to support measures for improving the efficiency and/or reducing water consumption of the devices listed below. This includes efficiency standards, test procedures, and labeling and marking requirements.

2nd Phase Groups CEC Docket Number
Commercial and Industrial Fans and Blowers 17-AAER-06
General Service Lamps (Expanded Scope) 17-AAER-07
Sprinkler Spray Bodies 17-AAER-08
Tub-Spout Diverters 17-AAER-09
Irrigation Controllers 17-AAER-10
Set-Top Boxes 17-AAER-11
Low-Power Modes and Power Factor 17-AAER-12
Solar Inverters 17-AAER-13

While work on the first 5 groups listed above is expected to result in mandatory efficiency standards, the CEC is not considering mandatory efficiency standards for the bottom 3 at this time. The objective for those groups is to gather information on existing voluntary programs and develop non-regulatory efficiency roadmaps. If it’s determined that the efficiency goals of voluntary programs aren’t being met, then the option is open for the CEC to develop mandatory standards. With respect to the “Low-Power Modes and Power Factor” group, the Commission wants to determine whether a horizontal approach (covering multiple, non-related product families) or vertical approach (covering specific related product families) makes sense.

The Commission is seeking comments and data for the above products sold in California including:

  • Model brand names and numbers, energy/water use performance metrics, product lifetime, retail price, and 2017-2019 California product sales
  • Existing and proposed test procedures, existing and proposed efficiency standards, product lifetime, product operations, functions and modes, energy-saving technologies, components and features, typical per-unit energy savings versus incremental product cost, and design and sales cycles
  • Product development trends, efficient products market competition, and any other related information

Written comments should be submitted to the appropriate docket page (click on Docket Number above) by June 16, 2017.

A copy of a CEC webinar presentation describing each group and the requested information is available here. For more information on the 2012 Order Instituting Rulemaking, click here. For additional information on the overall second phase activities, visit the Docket # 17-AAER-05 webpage. To receive updates on Phase 2 activities, subscribe to the commission’s “appliances - Appliance Efficiency Standards” Listserver found here.