Computer Efficiency Standard Ready for Approval Vote

Mon, 12/12/2016 - 13:51 -- MrGreen

Later this month, the California Energy Commission (CEC) is expected to approve the state’s first mandatory efficiency standard covering computers, monitors, and signage displays. The CEC recently published the standard’s "15-day language" requirements, which incorporate modifications to an earlier version. The modifications are the result of a review of recent stakeholder comments and concerns.

A detailed discussion of the earlier version can be found in the blog, California Computer Efficiency Standard Nears Finish Line. Modifications found in the new "15-day language" include:


  • Definition and language modification for clarity
  • Addition of a new mode weighting, "remote wake", in the test procedure to replace full capability mode on some operating systems
  • Modification of the interface scores (previously called expandability scores). A USB port category below 30 W of power was added. The Thunderbolt 3.0 interface was divided into multiple categories.
  • Exempting computers with no operating system from requirements associated with operating systems
  • Modifying the system memory bandwidth requirement for the high bandwidth system memory adder to ensure that the adder is positive in every case

Computer Monitors (17" to 61" diagonal screen size)

  • Definition and language modification for clarity
  • Computer monitor allowances can now be added together for monitors with multiple characteristics
  • Reducing the Tier 2 allowance for gaming monitors with incremental hardware-based assistance

The CEC plans to vote on adopting the standard at a business meeting on December 14th at 10 AM. Instructions on accessing the meeting via the web can be found at To download a copy of the proposed 15-day language requirements and additional information on the proposed ruling, visit the Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking for Computers, Computer Monitors, and Signage Displays Docket log page.