U.S. EPA Large Network Equipment Specification Moves to Final Stage

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 10:55 -- MrGreen

In July, I wrote about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advancing to the second draft of its very first ENERGY STAR program efficiency specification for large network equipment (LNE) (see: U.S. EPA Continues Large Network Equipment Specification Development).

Moving along quickly, the EPA has now published the Final Draft of the spec. Feedback on Draft 2 included requests for modifications to requirements for high speed optical ports, modular families, and power supplies. In response to this feedback, the agency has made the following adjustments.

  • No longer excluding products with fiber optic ports with a speed of 40Gb/s or greater
  • Noting that requirements for performance data measurement and output apply to all products with a nameplate power rating greater than 250 watts
  • Clarifying that all manufacturers shall use the half-port or full-port test in the LNE Test Method

In addition to these changes, the following modifications have been made to the Test Method.

  • Lowered High Port Count Data port threshold: the threshold for the defining High Port Count Products has been reduced to 105 ports.
  • Widened ambient temperature requirement: the ambient temperature must be greater than 25.0°C and less than 30.0°C during testing. The temperature measurement distance has also been increased from 50mm to 2m.
  • Updated snaked data traffic configuration guidelines: all ports connected using a single snaked traffic stream must have the same expected maximum throughput, in addition to the same line speed.

Stakeholders are expected to receive the final specification soon. To read the Final Draft and Test Method, visit the Large Network Equipment page on the ENERGY STAR website.