Tighter Standby Power Limits for Europe?

Mon, 11/16/2015 - 14:35 -- MrGreen

Are tighter standby power consumption limits coming to the European Union?

Maybe. The European Commission (EC) recently began a review of its current Lot 6 "horizontal" standby power efficiency standard, (EC) 1275/2008 along with its 2013 amendment (EU) No 801/2013. As a "horizontal" efficiency standard, it limits the maximum allowable standby power consumption of a wide range of product groups. A list of these products can be found in Annex 1 of the (EC) 1275/2008 document.

Most Ecodesign regulations include a revision clause. In this case, a review must be completed in 2016 and focus on:

  • The scope and the requirements for standby and off modes
  • The appropriateness and level of requirements for networked standby with regard to a third tier implementation in 2019
  • The inclusion of products currently not in scope (i.e. professional equipment and products equipped with electric motors operated by remote control)

The review study will also assess other aspects of standby/off modes and networked standby, including potential loopholes and areas needing clarification.

An interim report is expected to be available by year end, with a final report published in June 2016. For additional information and to register as a stakeholder, visit the Ecodesign standby page at www.ecostandbyreview.eu/index.html.