Getting Closer to a California LED Lamp Standard?

Wed, 12/02/2015 - 11:25 -- MrGreen

Last month, I attended a public hearing on the California Energy Commission's (CEC) proposed standards for general service LED lamps and small diameter directional lamps. (For details on the proposed requirements, see my earlier blog, California Energy Commission Illuminates Lamp Standard Proposal.) The hearing was held to allow stakeholders a chance to comment in person on the proposal, which not only sets limits for light efficiency (minimum lumens per watt, "smart" bulb standby power consumption, Power Factor), but also the quality (CRI1, CCT2, lifetime) of lamps sold in in the state starting January 1, 2017.

The hearing began with a CEC presentation analyzing the proposed standards, followed by a declaration stating there were no adverse environmental impacts in adopting them. The presentation was followed by stakeholder comments that covered a number of issues including meeting the minimum CRI levels, standby power consumption of connected lamps, and space issues with small decorative lamps.

A few days after the meeting, the CEC issued a notice postponing the adoption vote date from December 9th to January 13th, 2016. This will allow for additional time to review the comments received and determine if changes should be made, according to the CEC.

When approved, the requirements will be integrated into the state's Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations. For more information on Title 20, visit the California Appliance Efficiency Regulations webpage. The proposed express terms for the lamp standards can be found here. Written stakeholder comments can be found here.

1. Color Rendering Index
2. Correlated Color Temperature