EPA Proposes 2016 Most Efficient Criteria

Wed, 08/26/2015 - 08:37 -- MrGreen

The U.S. EPA recently proposed efficiency requirements for their 2016 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient program. Now in its sixth year, the program identifies the best in energy efficiency for 12 consumer products commonly used in U.S. households.

Notable changes in the 2016 program include stricter criteria for computer monitors and televisions. The table below gives details for these products.

Category Recognition Criteria
Computer Monitors Total Energy Consumption (ETEC) shall be less than or equal to Maximum allowable Total Energy Consumption in kilowatt-hours per year calculated as follows:

ETEC_MAX = 6.13 x r + 55 x tanh(0.003 x [A - 59] + 0.01) + 5.0

A = viewable screen area in square inches; tanh = hyperbolic tangent function; and r = Total Native Resolution in megapixels
Televisions PMAX = 62 x tanh(0.000412 [A-140] + 0.014) + 14

PMAX = maximum allowable On Mode Power consumption in W

A = viewable screen area of the product in square inches; tanh = hyperbolic tangent function


Other electronics products on the 2016 list are: clothes washers, dishwashers, and refrigerator-freezers. The proposed criteria for these remain the same as in 2015.

For further information, visit the ENERGY STAR website.