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In addition to his blog, Mr. Green also publishes a quarterly newsletter to help engineers stay on top of the constantly-changing world of power supply standards. Topics include: changes in current efficiency programs, movement of proposed specs, and finalization and publication of new regulations.

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Regulations from Around the Globe

For listings of current regulations for power consumption and efficiency and links to agency websites around the world, see our Regulations by Agency pages.

Mr. Green's Blog

Interested in energy efficiency standards, regulations, and other green matters? Read about the latest news and developments in the world of energy efficiency in Mr. Green's blog.

California Title 20: Past, Present, and Future

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is California’s primary energy policy and planning agency.  To understand why efficiency standards have been such a focus for the agency, one can rewind to 1972, when California faced an energy emergency.  According to the California Resources...

California Energy Efficiency Regulations for Notebook Computers

The California Energy Commission (CEC) continues its energy efficiency mission by updating Title 20 regulations for computers and insuring relevance to emerging product types. As part of a broader series of webinars in September and October on computers, the Appliances and Outreach &...

Emerging Technologies for Plug Load Energy Reduction

The California Energy Commission held a webinar on August 15 about Emerging Technologies: Mobile Efficiency for Plug Load Devices. In this webinar, Vojin Zivojnovic and Davorin Mista from Aggios presented research on using mobile design practices in combination with hardware and energy...