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TOP250R-TL has a small amount of lead in it. My suppliers list this part as Non-rohs. I have a customer that requires this part in the manufacture of their printed circuit board assembly and they want a Rohs-compliant assembly. Is the amount of lead in this part a small enough amount that the part can qualify as Non-rohs or is the part Rohs compliant by exemption, or is the part strictly Non-rohs? If it is Non-rohs, do you have an equivalent or alternate that is Rohs-compliant?


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The TOP250R is indeed a non-rohs part. You can use the TOPSwitch-JX family (specifically the K package is also surface mount). The TOP-JX has the same switching frequency, tighter tolerance, lower no-load and standby consumption. If you require a heatsink then you will need to use the E package.

The TOP268K or 269K have very similar power capability to the TOP250R, but because I don't now the exact spec it's hard to say exactly what IC is best for you.

Do you have a version of TOP250R-TL that is ROHS compliant?

I need the part to have the same package (TO-263-7C).


Unfortunately , we don't have same Pin to Pin Configuations as TOP250R-TL. However, mouser have some parts same as you mentioned: