PIXLs Designer Parameter description

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It is not obvious what the meaning with all parameters in PIXLs Designer are. Is there a description anywhere?

I use it for LLC converter calculation. 


Also: I thougt I should search the forum for it but I did not even find out how to search the forum (!) ...searching the forum should be easy.....am I stupid? 

probably I do not need details om parameter meaning any more. The reason that there was no parameter explaination was that it was a warning on the parameter. When I modified the design and the warning dissappeared the explaination appeared......however a visible forum search function is still missing



We're actually working on trying to make the complicated spreadsheets a little more readable.  


In the mean time I suggest you use the application note as a guideline when designing. You can find it here


Good Morning all
I am an industrial electronic engineer; I want to develop a low cost and isolated stabilized power source:
-Input AC Voltage Universal (85V-265V)-
-Out CC Voltage 5V DC
-Output Power 1W
-Output current 200Ma
I have already used your expert PI tools to design this feed based of integer circuit LNK623.
I need your recommendations to anticipate risks and optimization if possible?
Is there another equivalent of the transformer PC40EE13-Z?
You can find attached my concept and BOM.
Also, I search to make all components type SMD.

Best Regards

Hi Walidayari,

Thank you for reaching out to us through this page. But if you may, please kindly raise this inquiry as a new request. We'll wait for your new ticket on this.

Thanks and Best Regards,

PI-Lupin the Third

Hi PI-Lupin,
Thank you for your reply
I create a new request "Design Low Power Design Isolated 5VDC/1W"
Thanks and Best Regards,