Error Installing PIExpertSuite

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I am trying to install PIExpertSuite on WIN7. I am getting error message:"Error Reading Setup Initialization File". What could be the reason? I have downloaded the latest version from site.

Most likely the installation file was corrupted. Can you download a fresh one from the web and try again.

i have the same problem, but after downloading again the same message occurs..
maybe a wrong setup compilation / build file??

i used 8.5.3 /

internal build 94573

so new download does not resolve the problem

i found a different setup file through some web-download site which was working OK for me.. probably something wrong with the powerint executable..

That's strange. Let me look into this... BTW what version did you install and which website did you download the executable from?

I tried to download PIExpert on win10, but the installer warned of an installation error


Thank you for reaching out to us. We would be happy to help you but if may I request, can you please open a separate ticket for this inquiry since this thread was still from 2011.

Hope to see your post soon.

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