micro controller gets reset

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hi friends,
i have designed multi outpu smps with the help of our pi expert suite 10.2 all outputs working well. but the problem is even i touch the test prod/any metal to any voltage line my microcontroller gets reset(large negative going pulse on 9.1V)
even if tublight is switched on/off same thing happens. when cont actor is on/off from internal relay. the same thing happens continuously.
attaching design file.
please help.


TNY275PN.uds1.62 MB


Thank you for using PI product. Based on your inputs you are currenlty using an MCU , contactor and tubelight? is this correct? can you please provide the full schematic including the
system with the microcontroller. Can you also provide the output voltage waveform in the instance that the mcu gets reset.

Thank you