Add Extra Secondary Winding LNK616

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Hi there,

I'm designing an AC-DC converter with PI Expert Online. I need two secondary windings (5Vdc and 12Vdc), and I'm looking for use LNK616 IC, but I'm not finding any way to set two secondaries in the PI Expert tool. Do someone made something like this before? How can I get this results?

Thank You!!!

Hi mftochetto,

LNK616 IC is part of the LinkSwitch-II family. It is not optimized for multiple output desings, which is why the option is not there in PI XLS.

In addition, LinkSwitch-II is an archived family and we do not recommend using it for new designs.

Please consider using an alternative family.

I am not aware of your requirements other than 5V/12V outputs. Depending on your power level, the LinkSwitch-CV family might be appropriate for you:

You can see an example of a 2-output design using LinkSwitch-CV in DER 213: