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I want to design Flyback converter with 200-370VDC input, and 2 outputs, each 3.3V/0.5A. Pi Expert magically provided entire schematic for me. I wondered if there exist any resource that I can use to justify calculations made by the software to select some values and set some parameters. I am specifically interested to know how is duty cycle set, and how is output capacitor and inductor value selected.

In general, my goal is to be able to document my design by explaining why is each component selected.

Any help/direction appreciated.

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Hi Titus,
Thank you for considering the PI products for your application.
The PIExpert is designed to convert the specification to a real product documentation ready to production as possible.
To be able to undertake this function the software integrates datasheets, design methodologies, applications experience rules, measurements data, DataBases, GUIs, many check rules, etc.
Verification and validation are internal processes on each step of building the software and something like 'global verification tool' does not exist.
However, using basic flyback operation formulas, datasheet information and application notes for the particular product, you should be able with a little bit of knowledge in electronics to get very close to the actual values of components and operational parameters of the circuit.
You can use the PIXLS tool for this product as well. It does not provide the schematic but it provides more freedom in evaluating the circuit performance.

Best Regards,