Smallest AC/DC converter.. 230Vac to 10Vdc

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I'm looking for a smart solution to realize a AC/DC converter
with these main spec:

Vin = 230Vac@50Hz
Vout = 10V Isolated
Iout = 0.3A

Main targets of the design are:

- Small dimension:
now I've a solution with a 60KHz flyback on a 30x30mm PCB with a
20x20x15mm transformer, but is still too big (mainly the transformer).

- Cost and availability of components.

- The converter must not switch in the 70-190KHz range.

Do you have any PowerInt solution for this issue?
Maybe with an higher switching freq or a different topology (forward, push-pull,..)?


Converter size and switching frequency are generally inversely proportional. For such a small size if there is a restriction that switching frequency must be below 70 kHz that may be a problem.
I would still try using a LinkSwitch-II device for this design. The advantage of this device is that the frequency can be specified by the designer and that it does not need an opto-coupler for feedback (it uses primary side sensing) Another benefit is that you will get CC (current limiting) for this supply for free.
LinkSwitch-II support is included in PIXls application within the Pi Expert Suite...
Good luck.