small switched mode power supplie 400V-12V

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Hi, Could some one help me? I am making a project and I need to supplie a PIC from a 400V AC source. I need a small switched mode power supplie and it dont need to be isolated. Is there any solution available for this? Thank you for your pacience Best regards

I am assuming you mean 400VDC input and 12V output low power. If so then please refer to data sheet and associated app note for LNK-TN series

If you click on Applications section at top of our website front page you will see a drop down list and at bottom is utilities/smart meters. Click on that and there you find a report: (Three Phase Utility Meter Ultra-Wide Input (3 W 12 V / 250 mA. this will show you how you can extend voltae rane by adding a MOSFET

Hi, thank you for your asnwer.

In fact is a 400V AC and maybe I saw it wrong but ins't the LinkSwitch-TN limited to 265 VAC?