Non isolated power supply design with TNY SW family

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I would like to ask for your help to review a design file spreadsheet for a new (non isolated) power supply design that we are doing for one of our products base on TNY SW series, the idea here is to have a very low audio noise transformer, since we are replacing our current power supply base one SW LNK306GN due to high audio noise that have resulted in field returns, that is why we got to be very careful limiting the maximum flux density below 2500 gauss on the transformer. I used PI spreadsheet (PIXls) for the transformer design, so I would like your help to review the design file to see if everything looks fine or if you have any suggestions, after this I would create a transformer specification to request samples asap so I can test them in a bench. You can see the PIXls design file, as well the schematic file.

Please let me know where I can contact you by phone to have a live conversation and review, this is very urgent for us, since we need to change the design quickly.

I´m looking forward for your answer.

Thanks in advance for your help

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The best way to verify is to get some samples and try it out -- in general TNYSwitch should have less tendency for audible noise due to the fact it's current limit for primary switch is reduced when operating in audible region unlike LNK-TN.