MTBF / FIT for TOP222Y

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In order to apply to a TUV certification, we need to know the MTBF. I did not find these data on your site,

Could you inform us please ? (attached .pdf schematic of the power supply)  

TOP222Y_POWER_SUPPLY_90_240V.pdf23.62 KB

 I've forwarded your information request off to the reliability team.  As soon as I hear back from them, I'll forward the information back to this post.



-The Traveler

The failure rate for the TOP222Y is 0.868 FITs (or MTBF = 1,152,286,000 hours). This failure rate was estimated by de-rating the high temperature reliability test data to an application use junction temperature of 55C using an activation energy of 0.7eV and was calculated with a 60% confidence level.



-The Traveler