max temp of ferrite core transformer in enclosed body.

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what should be the maximum temperature of ferrite core in adopter type design?
specifically in led driver where driver and power LEDs are enclosed in same fitting like street light.

The maximum core temperature depends on the core material and the flux density. For example: TDK's PC44 material saturates at 510mT @25 deg C, 450mT @ 60 deg C, 390mT @100 deg C and 350mT @ 120 deg C. Also the core losses vary with temperature. For example PC44 material has the minimum losses at 100 deg C.
For a typical design where the peak flux density is 300mT, I would say a safe temperature is 120 deg C for PC44 material.

Another consideration is the wire temperature. Make sure that the insulation's thermal class is adequate for your application.

Z. Cochrane