fly back converter 5V,1A

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we need 5V,1A (5W)power supply..which switch i can prefer either DPA or link ...

1.I/p voltage range is 12Vdc - 60Vdc

2.operating temp -10 to +55deg time 5years

4.Topology - flyback isolated converter

pls do the needful

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Hi Logesh,
Take a look at This is a 5V/1A with DPA switch for input voltage range of 36-75VDC. DPA switch input range is 16V-75V. You can still use DPA switch for Vin lower than 16V using an external chip supply current.
I think for your application you might want to use DPA424.


Dear Scotty,

When I ask another PI expert whether we can use the PI chip under 16 V Vin, they say it is impossible, Also your PI EXPERT and PIIXI doesn't support this..

My question is how can we use this lower values with PI chip... For example if I want 9 V Vin, how can I supply extarnal chip supply current is there any reference circuit or application circuit?

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Use PIXLS spreadsheet for DPASwitch. When you enter 12V DC min there will be a Vmin warning but ignore. You will need to lower VOR to about 20V to eliminate max duty factor warning. The supply may be able to start up at 12V but it might be a good idea to add another 0.5mA current source into control pin to gaurantee start-up. The external current source can be turned off once supply begins to operate.