Using LinkSwitch to power PFC circuit

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The application uses LinkSwitch similar to RDR-506 (TN2 LNK3204D/P/G) as an auxilary 12V supply for a PFC which is eventually converted to a 24V DC supply. Currently the input to the 12V is from the PFC output which is 384V. Would you suggest using the rectified 120V as the input to the LinkSwitch?

Hi rffx,

Either solution would work fine for LNK TN2. But using the PFC output would simplify your application, since you would no longer need a bridge rectifier and bulk capacitors for the LNK TN2 input. The PFC output can be used directly and only a small bypass capacitor is needed, if the PFC output presents a stiff dc voltage.

Thank you, is there any long term reliability problems with the 384 V being presented to the LNK TN2?