New Requirement - 60W Dual USB Port C Wall Charger

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I am Subhendu S Satpathy, MokkoMokko Pvt Ltd, I am looking for a reference design for my requirement of 60W Dual USB Port C Wall charger with dynamic power sharing topology.
I've the block diagram of my requirement attached along with this post, Please have a look and suggest if you have any suitable solution on this. Regards, Subhendu S Satpathy

Requirement - Block Diagram709.25 KB

Hi Subhendu,

Unfortunately, the reference design for your desired application is not yet available for publication. However, you can look at the reference designs for the InnoSwitch3-Pro family of Flyback Controllers.

Instead of using a buck boost converter to produce 2 separate rails from the Flyback output, it is much more economical if you used 2 identical 40W InnoSwitch3-Pro flyback converters and then use an OR-in circuit for power sharing at the output. The voltage and current settings of the InnoSwitch3-Pro family of ICs can be controlled thru I2C making it easy to implement your desired design. Check out the DERs for the InnoSwitch3-Pro here:

Hello Team,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes I have gone through the DER app notes available on your website. Thanks so much for sharing the link.
I have done some rough estimation on the eBOM cost and the component count comparison on my design requirement and the solutions you have mentioned, find the attached screenshot.
Please provide your comments on this.. It will help to understand how PI's suggested solution will be cheaper than my requirement.

Secondly, May i know if it is possible to share the reference design(which is not published but available) over a mutual understanding by signing a NDA, we are a startup company and currently our 1st product is using PI's 27W type-C reference design DER-603. So we have some experience on working with PI.

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Hello Team,
Please assist me on this requirement. We can have a one-one communication on this at

Please help to reply.

Hi Subhendu,

The benefits in implementing the dual USB-C design using InnoSwitch3-Pro are:

1) Typical design uses 1 large flyback transformer and DCDC inductors vs 2 smaller flyback transformers.

2) Dual flyback design uses 2 identical converters so same components for both.

3) Easier thermal management since losses is split between the 2 flyback converters.

4) When used independently, the dual flyback design is more efficient since the output for each converter is independent from each other.

Let me get back to you regarding the reference design. Do you already have a partner provider for the PD Controller chip? Thanks!

Hello Team,
Thank you so much to help me brief me on the differences.
But may i ask you if it is possible to have a look at the reference design as per my requirement which is not released. May i ask you only for the block diagram if possible to share.. Please also consider our willingness to work on this design by sharing the reference design details over a NDA. We are a startup company working on limited resources available at present.
Moreover, Please also share the schematics, gerber files for the dual flyback converter using GaN device - INN3378C-H302. Thank You.

Hello Team,
Please help to provide necessary details so that we can get up and start with the design..