FluxLink for European Home Appliances?

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I am looking into the opportunities to apply modern PI products in home appliance power supplies in Europe. Here we have to comply with EN 60335-1 which poses some unique requirements for electrical safety (for example no single y-cap allowed).

My main interest is with the InnoSwitch & InnoMux family of products and their use of magnetic isolation (FluxLink). Is there any information available if/how the FluxLink system can be certified as a safe isolation barrier according to EN 60335-1? The datasheet only lists standards EN 60950 and EN 62368. If yes, there would be a very interesting market in many different home appliances...


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All InnoSwitch3 devices that used FluxLink or isolation barrier were compliant with Reinforced insulation of EN 60950-1 and EN 62368-1 standards. The package (InSOP-24D) has a high creepage and clearance distance (spacing) of 10.8 mm. across the isolation and tested for AC 4000V isolation voltage which is higher than the requirement of the said standards. We had considered the above minimum requirement. This could also satisfy the EN 60335-1 standard if in case the isolation requirement is more stringent. You may also please check the isolation requirements for your power supply to comply with EN 60335-1 to make sure.

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Hi, Can you also advise the transformer construction (margin tape , for instance) for manufacturing a CE certified power supply ? Also kindly advise on input filter requirements for a typical 20W SMPS to be CE compliant.

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