IGBT-driver 2SCO435T

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we want to implement the IGBT-driver 2SCO435T.
On each half-bridge with 1 2SC0435T we have 6 half-bridge IGBTs in parallel.
We use Starpower IGBTs GD400HFL120C2S.

My questions:

- for the capacitors between VEx and COMx and betwwen VISOx and VEx we need a capacity about 90uF.
However the capacity is too high for ceramic capacitors. What can we do?
Can we take a ceramic capacitor of 1 uF and a electrolytc capacitor in parallel. Where must be connected the +polarity?

Hi Spengler,

For IGBT related questions, you may send your inquiry directly to igbt-driver.support@power.com

Hope this helps.

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