6.5V 150A power supply using 3 paralel HiperTFS-2

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I am trying to get Vout=6.5V Iout:150A

Can I construct this using 3 paralel connected HiperTFS-2 (each having Vout=6.5V 60A)

Topology of HiperTFS-2 seems paralelable.

What would you recommend to synchronize each output to 6.5V

Connecting an extra schottky diode to the output of each unit is also possible.

Any ideas?


Since the TFS-2 has no provision for synchronization, the parts cannot be directly paralleled. You would need a setup with three TFS-2 parts, three transformers, 3 sets of rectifiers, and three output chokes, summed into a common output capacitor(s) and common regulating circuit feeding each TFS via a single optocoupler and current mirrors. Also important is the B+ supply to the forward converters - what is your proposed input voltage range?
If the sort of setup describe above is acceptable, let me know, and we can proceed to work out the details.