How to Incress the Current in the provided design LNK3696P 5V/200 to 5V/1000mA

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I have found this design in the reference designs, kindly can someone can help me to modify the below design from 1W (5V/200mA) to 5W(5V/1000mA)

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Hi Imroze Syed,

Please consider using our tool PI Expert Online (link below). You will be able to input the design parameters here, then you will be given recommendations on component selection and transformer design. The RDR736 spreadsheet (Section 8) can be used as guide, then modify the 5V output loading as needed.

Note that 11W total power (12V500mA + 5V1000mA) is only recommended if operating at high line only. If you need universal or wide range input, up to 8W is recommended. Both assume open frame design.

PI Expert Online: