Battery Backed PSU design.

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Which design would you recommend for a circuit that gives 12VDC 100W output and also charges 12VDC dry type batteries.

I have a few questions regarding your requirements.
1. What are the input and output requirements of this design (e.g. Input: 85Vac-265Vac
Output1: 12V, 88W Output2: 12V, 12W)? Is 100W the total output power? Or is it the required output power aside from the output of the battery charger.
2. What is the application for this design? Do you have a block diagram in mind?
3. Aside from the battery, what is the other load. This would dictate if we will need two outputs or a single output design as some battery chemistries will 'suck' all the power from your PSU specially when the charge is low.
4. Any idea on the charger specifications (voltage, current, power, charging time, etc)? This depends on the battery configuration (single or array) that needs to be charged. Do you have a specific battery in mind?
I am inclined to recommend a design based on HiperPFS-3/4 for the PFC stage and INNO3-CP series' INNO3270C for the output stage.