Whitepapers & Presentations

InnoSwitch3-Pro Code Library and API for Arduino

This archive contains a code library and application programming interface (API) for controlling the InnoSwitch3-Pro IC using an Arduino microcontroller. It includes C++ and header files to support the API, code examples showing its use, and documentation on the available functionality.

PI Webinar On-Demand - InnoMux Chipset for Appliances

In this December 16, 2020 webinar, Senior Product Marketing Manager Edward Ong explains how the InnoMux chipset enables highly efficient power supply designs for appliances with integrated displays or LED lighting.

PI Webinar On-Demand - IoT & Home Automation Power Solutions

In this October 8, 2020 webinar, Senior Product Marketing Manager Adnaan Lokhandwala breaks down PI's highly efficient solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation, including PowiGaN-based offline switcher ICs delivering 95% efficiency in USB wall receptacle products.

Video - MinE-CAP Operational Details

In this full-length video, PI Vice President of Product Development Mike Matthews explains how MinE-CAP can reduce AC-DC converter size by 40% and work in conjunction with InnoSwitch3 switcher ICs to create ultra-compact adapters and chargers.