Ultra-low Standby/No-load Power Solutions

Ultra-low Standby/No-load Power Solutions

Power Integrations makes it easy to meet the standby power requirements of Ecodesign Directive (ErP), ENERGY STAR, and other emerging energy-efficiency standards.

Of specific interest to standyby and no-load power supply designers are the ways in which PI products help meet standards requirements for EC Ecodesign Lots 6 (Standby and Off-mode) and 7 (External Power Supplies). For more information, see:


Power Integrations ICs deliver extremely low standby/no-load power with energy saving features

The graph below shows input power vs. output power as load increases for different PI product families. (For greater detail, click on the image.)

graph 1



The following shows the application of CAPZero, SENZero, and LinkZero-AX to achieve ultra-low, no-load power of <10 mW.


Design Examples

Design DocumentsDesign
15 W Dual Output Power Supply with >83% Standby EfficiencyDER-260
1.5 W Zero No-Load Power DER-260 
3 W Power Supply with Less Than 10 mW No-Load DER-227 
3.25 W Low Cost Constant Current/Constant Voltage Charger DER-207 
12 W Power Supply with >83% Active -mode Efficiency  RDR-399
15 W Power Supply with Less Than 20 mW No-Load DER-228 
20 W Dual Output Power Supply  RDR-469
27 W Low Profile, Low Standby Consumption Power Supply DER-229 
27 W High Full-load Efficiency Power Supply DER-235 
30 W High Efficiency Standby with 12 V Output DER-246 
65 W Power Supply with Less Than 100 mW No-LoadDI-196DER-196 

Recommended Product Families

IC Product
Typical Circuit
Data SheetsApplication
CAPZero™-2AC Power SupplyCAPZero DatasheetNA
InnoSwitch™-EPFlybackInnoswitch-EP DatasheetNA
InnoSwitch3™-EPFlybackInnoswitch-EP DatasheetNA
LinkSwitch™-3FlybackLinkSwitch-3 DatasheetAN-61
LinkZero™-AXFlybackLinkZero-AX DatasheetNA
SENZero™AC Power SupplySENZero DatasheetNA
TinySwitch™-4FlybackTinySwitch-4 DatasheetNA
TOPSwitch™-JXFlybackTOPSwitch-HX DatasheetAN-47

Power Consumption at No-Load

1.5 W Zero No-Load Flyback Power Supply

graph image
No-load Input Power in PD mode vs. Input Line Voltage,
25 ºC, 50 Hz. 30 Minute Dwell Time at 230 VAC Prior to Taking Measurements.
schematic image
Circuit schematic 1.5 W non-isolated flyback power Supply using LinkZero™-AX


15 W PC Standby

graph image
Careful transformer design reduced power consumption of this 15 W solution from 29 mW no-load to less than 20 mW
schematic image
15 W power supply using TinySwitch-III;
less than 20 mW input at 230 Vrms no-load

30 W PC Standby

graph image
Zero Load Input Power vs. Input Line Voltage, Room Temperature, 60 Hz.
schematic image
High Efficiency 12 V, 30 W Standby Power Supply Using TOPSwitch®-JX TOP265EG


For information on these designs and to receive detailed design reports, please contact your local PI representative or refer to the design example reports and product families listed above.