Small Appliances

Small Appliances

Power Integrations offers a broad range of highly integrated, high-voltage ICs for off-line power conversion in small appliance applications. Each IC includes a ≥700 V power MOSFET combined with control and protection circuitry on a single chip. Features include current limiting and thermal shutdown with automatic fault recovery capability to improve reliability, frequency jittering to reduce EMI and EcoSmart™ technology to dramatically reduce standby energy waste.

Design Examples

Document DescriptionDesign
15 W Isolated Flyback Adaptor DER-518  
15 W Dual-Output Tapped Buck Non-Isolated Power Supply   
10 W Non-Isolated Tapped Buck Power Supply usign LinkSwitch-CV   
8.4 W Open Frame Power Supply for Appliances Using LinkSwitch-3  RDR-321RDK-734
Lossless Generation of AC Zero Crossing and AC Fault/Loss Signals using CAPZero™   
175 mW Constant Voltage, Universal Input, Non-Isolated Buck Converter   
1.44 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter   
2.37 W Two Output Non-Isolated Cooktop Controller pdf icon  
3.8 W Two Output Supply pdf icon  
4.75 W Dual Output Power Supply   
Hair Clippers (Flyback, 3 W, 2 V )pdf icon   
Rice Cooker (Buck, 12 V/80 mA, 3.3 V/70 mA)pdf icon   
Induction Cooktop (5.9 W - 5 V, 100 mA / 18 V, 300 mA)pdf icon   
Vacuum Cleaner (12 W - 12 V / 1 A)pdf icon pdf iconRDK-91
Small Appliance Adapter (2 W - 6.2 V / 322 mA)pdf icon pdf iconDAK-89
Clothes Iron (1.44W, 12V 120 mA)  pdf iconDAK-48A
Water Purifier (10 W - 6 V / 1.67 A) pdf icon  

Recommended Product Families

IC Product
Design GuidesTypical Circuit
CAPZero™-2Product family application note.AC Power SupplyNAEasy to use device for reducing standby mode power by eliminating power losses from X capacitor discharge resistors
CAPZero-3Product family application note.AC Power SupplyNAEasily meet IEC60335 safety approvals for major appliances, and cover all capacitor values from 100 nF to 6 µF
LinkSwitch™-TN2NABuckUp to 360 mAHighly Energy Efficient Off-line Switcher IC with Integrated System Level Protection
LinkSwitch-XT2NAFlybackUp to 9 WEnergy Efficient, Low Power Off-Line Switcher IC With Integrated System Level Protection
LinkSwitch-3NAFlybackUp to 10 WEnergy-Efficient, Accurate Primary-Side Regulation CV/CC Switcher for Adapters and Chargers
LinkSwitch-CVProduct family application note.FlybackUp to 8.5 WTight CV, primary side control, capable of exceeding all energy efficiency specifications
LinkSwitch-HPProduct family application note.Flyback15 W to 118 WEnergy Efficient, High-Power Off-Line Switcher with Accurate Primary-Side Regulation (PSR)
SENZero™NAAC Power SupplyNASimple-to-use device that eliminates significant standby losses by disconnecting unused circuit paths during power-saving modes
TinySwitch™-IIINAFlybackUp to 28.5 WImproved design flexibility. Reduced input capacitance and transformer size due to time extension and I2f ratings.
TOPSwitch™-JXProduct family application note.Flyback12 W to 177 WIntegrated Off-Line Switcher with EcoSmart™ Technology for Highly Efficient Power Supplies

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