LCD Monitors

LCD Monitors

Power Integrations offers a range of products designed for LCD monitor applications. Each IC includes a ≥700 V power MOSFET combined with control and protection circuitry on a single chip. Energy efficient and designed to meet all existing and proposed energy saving standards worldwide, Power Integrations solution can help reduce cost and speed up the introduction of new products.

Design Examples

Document Description Design
40 W Dual Output Power Supply   DER-544    
25 W Dual Output Power Supply   DER-504    
17 W Dual Output Flyback Converter     RDR-321  
High Efficiency 40 W Standby Supply   DER-276    
High Efficiency 30 W Standby Supply   DER-275
Slim 36.3 W Power Supply   DER-259
27 W Power Supply   DER-235
Low Profile, Low Standby Consumption 27 W Power Supply download
LCD Monitor Power Supply (12 V) download
LCD Monitor Power Supply download
TOPSwitch-HX power supply design, ideal for LCD monitor applications, 90-265 VAC Input, 12 V, 2 A and 5V, 2.2A Outputs download RDK-142
TinySwitch-III reference design for monitor applications, wide input standby power supply, 12 V/1 A output download RDK-91
40 W Power Supply Using TOP256EN download  

Recommended Product Families

IC Product
Design Guides Typical Circuit
CAPZero™-2 NA AC Power Supply NA Easy to use device for reducing standby mode power by eliminating power losses from X capacitor discharge resistors
InnoSwitch3-CE NA Flyback 10 -55 W Off-Line CV/CC QR Flyback Switcher IC with Integrated 650 V MOSFET, Synchronous Rectification & FluxLink Feedback for Applications up to 65 W
InnoSwitch-CH NA Flyback 10 W Off-Line Flyback CV/CC Switcher IC with Integrated MOSFET, Synchronous Rectification and Feedback
LinkSwitch-HP™ NA Flyback 9 W to 90 W Energy Efficient, High-Power Off-Line Switcher with Accurate Primary-Side Regulation (PSR)
SENZero™ NA AC Power Supply NA Simple-to-use device that eliminates significant standby losses by disconnecting unused circuit paths during power-saving modes
TinySwitch™-III NA Flyback 6 W to 36.5 W Highly energy efficient offline switcher IC utilizing on-off control for high efficiency at all load conditions. No-load consumption less than 50 mW. Ideal for TV standby supply.
Product family application note. Flyback 12 W to 177 W Integrated Off-Line Switcher with EcoSmart™ Technology for Highly Efficient Power Supplies

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