Internet of Things (IoT)

Billions of offline powered "smart things" with embedded intelligence, such as sensors, actuators, and connectivity, will support the rapid growth of IoT in the near future. The significant impact on worldwide energy consumption from these "always-connected" products has driven the need for compact, highly efficient offline power converters with ultra-low standby power consumption.



Power Integrations offers a broad range of integrated high-voltage ICs to power Smart Home and Building Automation devices most efficiently from the AC mains. These ICs integrate power MOSFETs and control and protection circuitry on a single chip; this enables customers to design low component count solutions with fast time to market. Some key benefits are dramatic reduction in standby energy waste by EcoSmart™ technology, elimination of typical opto-couplers with an innovative FluxLink™ technology for feedback across an isolation barrier, reduced EMI with frequency jitter, fault protection, and improved reliability with built-in thermal shutdown.

Reference Designs for USB Wall sockets, Smart plugs & Surge protectors

Design Description Input Output/s Isolated Product
DER-631 30 W Power Supply with >91% Average Efficiency 90 – 132 VAC 5.1 V / 6 A
9.2 V / 3.3 A
15.3 V / 2 A
Yes InnoSwitch3-CP
RDR-420 10 W CV/CC USB Charger 85 – 265 VAC 5 V / 2 A Yes InnoSwitch-CH
DER-471 15 W Constant Voltage / Constant Current (CV / CC), Isolated Flyback Converter 85 – 265 VAC 5.3 V / 3 A Yes InnoSwitch-CE
DER-494 19.5 W QC™2.0 / QC™3.0 Compliant USB Charger 85 – 265 VAC 3.6 V-12 V / 3 A Yes InnoSwitch-CP
DER-533 20 W USB PD Power Supply 85 – 265 VAC 5 V / 3 A
9 V / 2.2 A
Yes InnoSwitch-CP
Cypress CCG2


Reference Designs for Occupancy Sensors, Wall Switches and Smoke/CO Alarms

Design Description Input Output/s Isolated Product
DER-622 Two-Wire (No Neutral), Wide-Range, Bluetooth Wall Switch 90 – 277 VAC 3.3 V / 50 mA Non LinkSwitch-TN2
DER-623 <65µA Standby Current Power Supply 85 – 277 VAC 3.8 V / 20 mA
12 V / 20 mA
Non LinkSwitch-TN2
DER-507 175 mW Constant Voltage, Universal Input, Non-Isolated Buck Converter 85 – 265 VAC 5 V / 35 mA Non LinkSwitch-TN2
RDR-506 1.44 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter 85 – 265 VAC 12 V / 120 mA Non LinkSwitch-TN2
DER-508 4.75 W Dual Output Power Supply 85 – 265 VAC 18 V / 250 mA
5 V / 50 mA
Non LinkSwitch-TN2
DER-574 1.65 W Non-Isolated Tapped Buck Power Supply 85 – 265 VAC 3.3 V / 500 mA Non LinkSwitch-TN2

Recommended Product Families

IC Product
Typical Circuit
InnoSwitch3-CP Flyback 15 to 65 W Off-Line CV/CC QR Flyback Switcher IC with Integrated 650 V / 725 V MOSFET, Synchronous Rectification, FluxLink Feedback and Constant Power Profile
LinkSwitch-TN2 Buck Up to 360 mA Highly Energy Efficient Off-line Switcher IC with Integrated System Level Protection for Low Component-Count Power Supplies
LinkSwitch-LP Flyback Up to 3 W Primary-side regulation (PSR) CV/CC switcher for replacing capacitive drop power supplies
TinySwitch-4 Flyback Up to 20 W Secondary-side regulation (SSR) switcher with line compensated overload power and <30mW standby power
InnoSwitch Flyback 10 to 27 W CV/CC Flyback Switcher with synchronous rectifier control and SSR without opto-coupler


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