High and Unstable Mains Voltage

High and Unstable Mains Voltage

High-quality appliances and other consumer electronic products require higher voltage margins in regions with unstable mains grids, tropical regions with frequent lightning strikes or areas where high-energy ring-waves and surges are prevalent. For example, OEMs addressing the burgeoning market in India for high-quality consumer products without such margins can suffer a continuous stream of electrically damaged and returned products that must be serviced or replaced.

Power Integrations offers a full range of offline switcher ICs incorporating 900 V primary MOSFETs, providing effective and inexpensive protection, a substantial reduction in operating and product-support costs.

These highly integrated 900 V devices enable design engineers to realize a truly “one-world” power supply that meets the reliability expectations of users everywhere. They can also replace corresponding 725 V switchers in existing board designs to support higher voltages without altering the designs.

Reference Designs

DER-7367 W Wide-Range Input, Dual Output, Non-Isolated Flyback Power Supply85 – 440 VAC12 V / 500 mA
5 V / 200 mA
No900 V LinkSwitch™-XT2
RDR-7371.44 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter85 – 440 VAC12 V / 120 mANo900 V LinkSwitch-TN2
DER-74510 W Dual Output Power Supply85 – 440 VAC5 V / 0.3 A
12 V / 0.7 A
Yes900 V InnoSwitch™3-EP
DER-8454.8 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter85 – 460 VAC16 V / 300 mANo900 V LinkSwitch-TN2

Recommended Product Families

IC Product
Typical Circuit
LinkSwitch-TN2BuckUp to 360 mAHighly Energy Efficient Off-line Switcher IC with Integrated 725 V / 900 V MOSFET and System Level Protection
LinkSwitch-XT2FlybackUp to 9 WEnergy Efficient, Low Power Off-Line Switcher IC With Integrated 725 V / 900 V MOSFET and System Level Protection
InnoSwitch3-EPFlyback10 to 45 WOff-Line CV/CC QR Flyback Switcher IC with Integrated 725 V / 900 V MOSFET, Synchronous Rectification and FluxLink Feedback

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