Power Integrations offers power conversion ICs that can provide reliable, efficient, low-cost power solutions for a wide range of applications. Our ICs address power ranges from a fraction of a watt to over 600watts. For details about incorporating our ICs into your designs, visit our applications microsites.

Typical ApplicationDescription
Audio Applications Power adapters and chargers for a range of Audio Applications
Chargers and Adapters Power adapters and chargers for cell and mobile Phones
Industrial Controls Power supplies for industrial instruments, equipment and tools
LCD Monitors Power supplies for LCD computer monitors
LCD TVs Power supplies for LCD televisions
Major Appliances Power supplies for major appliances
Motor Controls Power supplies for motor controls
Notebook Adapters Power supplies for notebook adapters
PC Power PC standby power supplies
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Power supplies for devices utilizing all classes of Power Over Ethernet
Power Tools Power supplies for power tools
Set Top Boxes Power supplies for set top boxes
Small Appliances Power supplies for small appliances
Ultra-Low Standby and Remote-Off Mode Power Supplies with very low power consumption
USB-PD & Fast Chargers Power Supplies for fast charging mobile devices
Utility Power Meters Power supplies for utility and power meters